The “Grumpy” Poet – Common Sense!

Idiots and morons, as well. We are surrounded by them!

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In this week’s The “Grumpy” Poet I want to rant about one of my biggest pet peeves in life – idiots!

Ok, maybe I’m being harsh, but I doubt it, some people just don’t think! Evolution is essential for human growth and the sustainability of the human race. Ever heard of the Darwin awards?

Recently I started taking driving lessons, yes I’m 35-years-old, married with 2 kids, co-founder of my own business, and I don’t have a drivers licence. Let’s move on. While taking all the sample knowledge tests provided by the SAAQ (The Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec) I noted that the government, at least in Quebec, never ascertains if current or potential drivers apply common sense or logic to the decisions they make on the road.

The driver’s handbook does not teach you how to drive. It illustrates the rules and regulations of the Highway Safety Code…

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