Syria, Palestine, Colonialism, and the American Way

Syria, Palestine, Colonialism, and the American Way

The account at the bottom of this was forwarded to me via e-mail, and unfortunately the links did not adjust.  I will try to post them separately another time.   Actually, the software at WordPress made it a much simpler task to get all three images posted, so the entire article is reproduced here.  I am no longer very much interested in politics as, as Thoreau said, there is no point in simply providing more examples of the same perfidy once the pattern is established, but the intensity of the writing is worthwhile here.  As I will discuss elsewhere, the first rule of haveing a good style is to have something to say!

The post is all about the situation in Palestine, with the Arabic followed with an English version.  The translation is remarkably accurate.   Our media has been so busy talking about John Kerry and Nitwityahoo that the real situation has been obfuscated.  Part of this is the bias of the Corporate and popular press and part of it has to do with the shallow-mindedness of the American public.  It is personal stories that attract it, not issues concerning the oppression of large masses of people.  The public just can’t absorb it, or will tune away from anything that causes cognitive dissonance, as thinking is work, and reassessing ones position is often painful.  When there are so many real problems in our world, caused and forwarded by our own leaders, serving their corporate masters, is there any wonder that Mia Farrow and Woody Allen are being treated with more intensity than the Israeli theft of Palestinian land or our onslaught on other countries?

Syria is a recent case in point.  Assad has managed to resist our “crusade” in favor of “regime change,” (another word for colonization) to a degree that he has become a frustrating as Castro who survived over a half-century of assassination and coup attempts by us.  He further angered us by allowing Gaddafi to speak over Syrian media before we invaded his country, leaving Libya in a total mess.  The right-wing wants to talk about Benghazzi so much because Hillary Clinton was Secretary of state at the time.  It is about time that these forces attacked the very decision of get us into that country in the first place.  Without that, there would be no problem with that city.  And furthermore, during the revolt, Gaddafi kept mentioning that Al-Quaeda was involved, but of course he was lying.  We much preferred to depict these people as “freedom fighters.”

Well, now we have the same thing in Syria.  The people most opposed to Assad and his government are Sunni maniacs shouting “Allu Akbar” at every turn and beheading every male they can get their hands on and playing football (or soccer) with their heads.  The only countries with enough integrity to support Assad are Iran and Russia and, therefore, they are bad, naughty people.  We prop up John McCain once again and have him should “everytime I see Putin, I see KGB”.  Well, maybe so.  How do you thing the Russian government reacted when they saw Bush I, Herbert Walker, who was previously head of the CIA?  Well, they should be happy because CIA is good, KGB, bad.  Bad, bad, KGB.  So we continue to support what we used to call terrorists because of 911 (and because it made a nice cause and excuse to institute a police state) because the terrorists anre now “freedom fighters” because Assad will not “step down,” as Hillary kept saying.  Also, Putin supports Assad.

Of course, these “freedom fighters” massacred a bunch of Christians in a place where they actually spoke Aramaic, apparently the language that Jesus also spoke.  But that doesn’t matter!  These Christians probably had it coming, no?  After all, they thought, and many of those who survived still think, that Assad was a good guy.  Well, they can think whatever they want.  We are simply not going to allow this commie, pinko, Assad to protect Christians who won’t speak English like good people do.

It goes without saying that Putin is a bad guy (as our media keeps saying it), but our press is having trouble with this one.  He is carrying out a purge of people in the nearby Moslem area, and they are in the same place where the Boston Bombers grew up and learned all about us.  So how do you attack Putin about that?  Simple, look at the coverage.  You can see that the hotel rooms are not ready yet.  That ought to convince you!  And, one of the circles in the Olympic insignia did not light up the way it was suppose to.  How many damn times have you seen a photo of that one snowflake shaped insignia on our media?  That out to convince you that Putin is wrong and evil.

It is overwhelming the lack of objective coverage, not in Palestine although our contributor seems to be surprised at seeing some seeping though, but on the subject of Syria.  I have yet to see any press, independent or corporate, cover the subject with any degree of accuracy.  Even Amy Goodman, of Democracy Now, a person I have never before shrink before an unjustice, will touch this, and remains content to repeat United Nations reports.  So Syria is a bit behind on sending some chemical to be destroyed.  How far behind is Israel in abiding by International Law concerning nuclear weapons?  Of course, Israel is “the only democracy in the Middle-East” (as our rulers keep telling us, but how does one have a democracy when it is restricted to one religion only, a “Jewish State”?

So, we are content to maintain that Iran is evil because it is Shia?  Or because it doesn’t like us anymore?  After all, it was a nice country after our CIA overthrew the democratically elected government of Mossadegha and put the Puppet Shah in, but after that, they became evil.

The best history of how this whole mess started remains a book titled Orientalism  by Edward Said (Sigh Eed).   A great deal of money and effort was spent trying to attack Edward, but he died awhile back.  They guy who took his place at Columbia used to be one of Obama’s best friends, and supporters, but as soon as Obama was elected, he was ostracized, not even invited to the inaugeration.  Hell, even Jimmie Carter invited Arlo Guthrie to his inaugeration, but Obama didn’t want any misunderstandings.  Israel über Alles!  He even named a Chief of staff whose middle name was Israel.  Of course, nobody believes this, but it remains a fact.  The same guy is now dismantling the school system in Chicago.

Of course, the most exciting new of the past week is the fact that Mia Farrow’s first son is really the biological son of Frank Sinatra, not Woody Allen.  At least he looks more like him.

“I was surprised that this was being reported so accurately, just got this hot off the internet email server,” said my friend, and then followed with this:


English Follows


الاحتلال يداهم قرية عين حجلة ويخلي القرية من التواجد الفلسطيني

بيان للصحافة

الجمعة 7 شباط 2014

قام المئات من جنود الاحتلال بمهاجمة واخلاء وتشريد أهالي قرية عين حجلة في الأغوار الفلسطينية  بشكل همجي وعنيف بعد منتصف الليل من مساء أمس حيث تم اعلان القرية منطقة عسكرية مغلقة. هذا ويذكر بأن قرابة 35 فلسطيني تم نقلهم إلى مستشفى أريحا لتلقى العلاج بعض تهجم جيش الاحتلال عليهم وانهيالة عليهم بالضرب والدفع خلال عملية اخلاء القرية.

كما وقام جيش الاحتلال بمداهمة القرية من الجهة الجنوبية والشمالية مستعملين القنابل الصوتية وقنابل الضوء، وتخلل المداهمة العنيفة اعتداءات عدة على ساكني القرية بالضرب والدفع بشكل غوغائي عنيف دون اكتراث لأطفال ونساء وكبار في السن كانوا متواجدين في القرية.

ونقل سكان القرية والنشطاء بحافلات لجيش الاحتلال تحت وابل من الشتائم والاستهزاء بالقرية وأهلها وتم ايصال السكان إلى استراحة أريحا.

ومن الجدير ذكره بأن جيش الاحتلال قام بالإعتداء على الصحفيين والطواقم الطبية المتواجدين في القرية أثناء عملية الإخلاء بما فيهم مصور صحفي لتلفزيون فلسطين والذي تم دفعه من على احدى بيوت القرية ومسعف من الإغاثة الطبية والذي ضرب ببندقية على صدره. كما وتم اعتقال عدد من السكان أثناء الاخلاء واطلق سراحهم لاحقاً.

هذا ويقدر بأن عدد الفلسطينيين الذين كانوا متواجدين في القرية عند الاخلاء يتراوح بين 200 و250 فلسطيني وفلسطينية.

وأكد النشطاء وسكان القرية على استمرارية نضالهم رغم نكبة القرية وتهجيرهم وأفاد الناشط في المقاومة الشعبية من قرية المعصرة محمود زواهرة بأن سكان القرية تمكنوا من اعادة الحياة إلى القرية وقال “بأن السكان تم تشريدهم وإخلائهم من القرية إلا أن الاحتلال لم ولن يتمكن من اخلاء القرية من قلوبنا وضمائرنا”.

كما وقال الناشط في المقاومة الشعبية من مخيم عايدة منذر عميرة بأن عملية الإخلاء لا تعني انتهاء العمل في الأغوار الفلسطينية، وأكد بأن النشطاء مستمرين في عملهم وسيستمرون بتحقيق اهداف حملة ملح الأرض فإحياء وإعمار قرية عين حجلة كان خطوة أولية من الحملة. كما وقال عميرة “بأننا سنواصل عملنا وسنكون ملحا لهذه الأرض مستمرين في مواجهة الاحتلال وتهويد وضم الأغوار”.

قائمة بأسماء المصابين الذين نقلوا إلى مستشفى أريحا:

  1. بديع دويك 41 عام
  2. محمد موسى محمد دعاجنة 25 عام
  3. محمد عبد الكريم الخطيب 25 عام
  4. عبد المجيد عمر 22 عام
  5. محمد نعيم حسن 29 عام
  6. ماهر طاهر سمارة 29 عام
  7. محمد سعيد أبو غربية 19 عام
  8. بهاء جلال التميمي 26 عام
  9. زياد أبو عين 54 عام
  10. رمزي محمد أبو سعدة 30 عام
  11. عبد المجيد بسام عمر 22
  12. ماهر نايف صالح 47 عام
  13. مراد محمد عمر 25 عام
  14. سامي أحمد دعيس 25 عام
  15. محمود احمد اسماعيل 29 عام
  16. مروى جهاد سمحان 23 عام
  17. وعد باسم التميمي 17 عام
  18.  اشيرة علي رمضان 29 عام
  19. محمود ناصر 21 عام
  20. نبال محمد عبد ربه 24 عام
  21. فادي مثقال الجيوسي 34 (مصور تلفزيون فلسطين)
  22.  صهيب رافع صوافطة 22 عام
  23. معن جمال ضراغمة 25 عام
  24. احمد ضراغمة 21عام
  25. مهند عبد الفتاح 23 عام
  26. انس محمود ازغير 18عام
  27. كرم اكرم ازغير 23 عام
  28. علاء ازغير 25 عام
  29. حسن عثمان فرج 33 عام
  30. حمزة حسن جوابرة 20 عام
  31. أسامة حسن نعامرة 20 عام
  32. اسلام صالح تميمي 18 عام

يا بنات وأبناء فلسطين كونوا ملحا لهذه الأرض مصلحين لها وثابتين عليها.



 Israeli occupation raid and evict Palestinians from Ein Hijleh

Press Release

Friday 7, February 2014

Hundreds of Israeli forces have raided Ein Hijleh village in the Jordan Valley and evicted all its residents violently around 1:30 am and declared the village a closed military zone.  And it is estimated that between 200-250 Palestinians were in the village at the time of eviction.

35 Palestinians were injured and taken to Jericho hospital after the eviction. At the time of the raid Israeli forces fired large amounts of sound bombs to scatter the crowd that gather at the center of the village while many women and children were automatically evicted from homes and tents where they were asleep.

Israeli forces have attacked the residents of Ein Hijleh by beating them up, kicking them and pushing them to the ground and into the fire.

The residents of the village were transferred after the eviction with Israeli occupation military buses while being humiliated and mocked by the soldiers on the bus.  The residents of Ein Hijleh where transferred to the entrance of Jericho and were received by Palestinian security forces and taken to the center of Jericho city.

Israeli forces have also attacked journalists and medical teams in the village at the time of eviction including a cameraman from Palestine TV who was pushed from one of the rooftops to the ground and one of the medics from the medical relief team was hit with a riffle on his chest.

Several Palestinians were arrested at the time of eviction and were later released at the entrance of Jericho.

The activist from the popular struggle committee in AlMasara Mahmoud Zawahreh said that the activists have managed to revive the village and although they were evicted from Ein Hijleh but the Israeli occupation failed to evict the village and the great work achieved from the hearts and minds of Ein Hijleh residents.

Activist from the popular struggle from Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem Monther Amira said that the eviction will not end the work of the activists in the Jordan Valley, he added “we will continue with our campaign Melh AlArd (Salt of the Earth), and the revival of the village was only the start to our work in the Jordan Valley, we will continue our work and we will remain to be the salt to this earth working against Israeli policies in all of Palestinian lands especially against the Judaization and annexation of the Jordan Valley.

List of the injuries taken from Jericho hospital:

    1. Bade’ Dwaik 41 years
    2. Mohammad Musa Da’ajneh 25 years
    3. Mohammad AbdelKarim AlKhatib 25 years
    4. Abdel Majeed Omar 22 years
    5.  Mohammad Nae’m Hasan 29
    6. Maher Taher Samara 29 years
    7. Mohammad Saeed Abu Gharbieh 19 years
    8. Baha Jalal Tamimi 26 years
    9. Ziad Abu Ein 54 years
    10. Ramzi Mohammad Abu Sa’da 30 years
    11. Abdel Majeed Bassam Omar 22 years
    12. Maher Nayef Saleh 47 years
    13. Murad Mohammad Omar 25 years
    14. Sami Ahmad Di’es 25 years
    15. Mahmoud Ahmad Ismail 29 years
    16. Marwa Jihad Samhan 23 years
    17. Waed Basem Tamimi 17 years
    18. Ashira Ali Ramadan 29 years
    19. Mahmoud Naser 21 years
    20. Nibal Mohamad Abd Rabu 24 years
    21. Fadi Methqal AlJayousi 34 years (Palestine TV cameraman)
    22. Suhaib Rafe’ Sawafta 22 years
    23. Ma’en Jamal Daraghmeh 25 years
    24. Ahmad Daraghmeh 21 years
    25. Mohannad Abdel Fatah 23 years
    26. Anas Mahmoud Zghaiar 18 years
    27. Karam Akram Zghaiar 23 years
    28. Ala’ Zghaiar 25 years
    29. Hasan Othman Faraj 33 years
    30. Hamza Hasan Jawabreh 20 years
    31. Osama Hasan Na’amreh 20 years
    32. Islam Saleh Tamimi 18 years

Daughters and sons of Palestine, be the salt of this earth and stay steadfast on it.

Image from Palestine
Image from Palestine
Second image
Second image
Third Image
Third Image

And so, in living color, we see the defense of Israel. Happy?



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