The Absurd Times Syria, Palestine, Colonialism, and the American Way,,

I thought this was important, not just because of the earlier post on Syria, but because of what passes for journalism these days.


Syria, Palestine, Colonialism, and the American Way

The account at the bottom of this was forwarded to me via e-mail, and unfortunately the links did not adjust. I will try to post them separately antoher time.

The post is all about the situation in Palestine, with the Arabic followed with an English version. The translation is remarkably accurate. Our media has been so busy talking about John Kerry and Nitwityahoo that the real situation has been obfuscated. Part of this is the bias of the Corporate and popular press and part of it has to do with the shallow-mindedness of the American public. It is personal stories that attract it, not issues concerning the oppression of large masses of people. The public just cant absorb it, or will tune away from anything that causes cognitive dissonance, as thinking is work, and reassessing ones position is often painful. When there areā€¦

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