For your patience, if you haven’t already unsubscribed.   I did not realize that, while making the changes I needed to make, every step of the way would be sent out to everyone following.


At any rate, the changes I needed to make, font size and illustration size, have finally be accomplished (at least on the site, not clear if they are making it thought the mailer.  The XML programming problems were actually quite simple, one you knew how, but then that is like just about everything else.  The same applied to to sizing of the illustrations which are now as large as the site will allow.


I will be making no more changes.  If the larger sizes of the fonts and illustrations are not reflected in the mailings, they will stay at the site so you can follow the link back.


To thank you, here are a few illustrations, without my comments or opinions.  They can stand of fall on their own.  Peace!


turkeytwitter2 Turkey bans twitterALI194733 drstrangelove02 Secretary-Gates-rd089- leaf-clip-art-black-and-whiteivy-leaf-clip-art---vector-clip-art-online-royalty-free-public-sgrgb6vt


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