Coming Soon

I realize that time has passed since my last post. A new one will be forthcoming as soon as I finish the research, reading, and then composition of the introduction.  Book 2 of Adorno’s aphorisms is both rewarding and challenging, offering the opportunity to either take comfort in his advice are opinions, or to lash out against them.  I need to finish the analysis and research before posting  and reacting to it.

So, if you have been wondering, along with all the other demands on the time of each of us, including merely continuing our existence and acquiring the wherewithal to prolong it, in addition to constant daily intrusions by inane forces that present themselves to all, that is what I am working on.  I must add that these intrusions include matters of international machinations, but they are convincing me more than ever that the practice of consciousness raising is far less essential than contributing, for dispute, discussion, or agreement,  matters of interest to those whose consciousness is already engaged.

So much for now.  Take care my friends.


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