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I am relatively certain that most people who visit this site (few indeed) are more interested in contemporary issues and analyses.


For example, someone could easily say the gay marriage should be allowed, but the the very word “allowed” is absurd in this context.   Of more interest would be the statement made by Foucault that “Until there is marriage between men, civilization is impossible.”  It is the mention of Foucault that makes a difference in this forum.


Still, there is room for some commentary on the 2014 “midterm” elections in the United States.   Most noticeable by their absence are ideas.   While television commercials are not very viable vehicles for expressing ideas, the last deluge of commercials even went to great pains to avoid even mentioning the party affiliation of the candidates.  It is no secret, for example, that the Republican candidate for the Senate to replace Tom Harkin listed as her major qualification for the position her past abilities in castrating hogs.  It seems rather ludicrous to state this, but it is a fact.


At the same time, ballot initiatives where the object was clearly defined, were overwhelmingly passed and they were exclusively what are derisively termed “left-wing” or “Socialist” ideas.  Examples include a minimum wage, a woman’s right to choose, legalization of recreational drugs, and so on.


At any rate, here is a piece I wrote recently completely spontaneously.   Any spelling or proofreading errors are mine:


The Good of This Election

The Good of This Election

First of all, I apologize to those of you who got the strange post from my on “How to Vote”. It’s the last time I try to post online, live, while using a portable laptop in a moving vehicle.         Also, the site only sends out the first version, not the corrected one, so I simply deleted that one sentence thing.

So, welcome to the kinder, gentler, Absurd Times. It will be wry, however. I just like that word wry. Those of you who are in Moldovia or Ukraine and use Google Translate to read this, good luck. (However, in Russian it is перекошенный. which comes out as “wry.”         Very wry outcome, in my opinion.

  1. So, what do we get from this last election?

Instead of trying to cover the folly in an article, I took to Twitter (Absurd Times @honestcharlie) because it really was appropriate for one liners, not analysis.

Example: Don’t vote for anyone who lists castrating hogs as her qualification for the Senate.

Vote for anyone who is accused of being “Corrupt” — at least they have played the game before.

This election will go a long way towards furthering the careers of political satirists. Add a Republican Presidents, and things will be even funnier. Remember how funny the McCain/Palin combination was? It got so most people visualized Tina Fey when the name “Sarah Palin” was mentioned.

To give you an example, today a non-profession stated that Nick Wallendsa (whoever it was who did that stunt in Chicago at the Marina Towers recently) announced that he would walk a tightrope across Ted Cruz’s open mouth. So, things are looking up already.

I did not see or hear Obama’s press conference or speech earlier, but I was outside dining and the person opposite me looked up and saw him on the TV with a map of Syria and Iraq.         I was asked what he was saying.         Well, I had no idea and did not look back, but did mention that Henry IV advised his son, soon to be Henry V, to keep people busy with wars against a foreign enemy in the people you rule start to complain. Give them a common, foreign, enemy. My guess is that was the point, but I’m not sure.

Every single so-called “Left-Wing” ballot initiative passed almost everywhere: legalizing pot, supporting a woman’s right to choose, overwhelming support for a higher minimum wage, expanded single payer insurance (as in government), legalizing gay marriage (why should they be exempt?), and so on. The Democrats might think about such things the next time around.

Of course, then things wouldn’t be so funny. Nixon gave everyone lots of laughs. Reagan brought out the best in Bedtime for Bonzo and did Clint Eastwood impressions for us. In fact, he re-enacted lots of movies for us.         Even when he had to withdraw the marines from Lebanon, he snapped into action by invading Grenada. Why? Well, there were Cuban construction workers there — those guys can be tough, you know.

The Bushes were a goldmine.         They were the Arbustos (means shrub in Spanish) of the day. I mean, these days Obama has to supply the punch lines by himself. When asked why Donald Trump was so vicious about him, Obama said “It all goes back to when we played soccer together in school growing up in Kenya.” Who could top him?

No, we need a Republican president.

Well, this has already been too long, considering that about a third or more of our readers are overseas, so we will be back to the real world with the next issue.