The Absurd Times The Postman Commeth –or WAKE UP!!



Too Dangerous a Threat to National Security?

Postal Delivery

Doug Hughes has given now meaning to “going postal”. He has become an overnight hero. This has not happened in the corporate press, of course, as just about everything you here is owned by six corporations, but on social media where citizens and people in general speak out and get their news, he is well thought of. A few buy into the whole corporate “danger” business, but they are promptly told what really is gong on.

The entire thing is a protest against the Citizen’s United vote in our pitiful Supreme Court, but only made possible by an even more pitiful congress and executive branch with the campaign funding rules as they stand. The court, such as it is, decided that corporations should be considered individuals. If so, every corporation in this country should be institutionalized because they…

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