Illustration: from Latuff. Seems Latuff can’t help calling it as he sees it. The only difference here is that the U.S. has absolutely NO legitimate role in Syria, Syria is a client state of Russia’s. Good or ill, that is the one main difference.



Ralph Waldo Emerson

Just a quick note: our media would have us believe that North Korea’s nuclear weapons would be used against us. How? Any idea of how many satellites we have focused on them? Whether they have one fusion bomb or not, how many would they have to launch at once to get even one through our massive defenses?

Perhaps Russia could accomplish it, but not North Korea.

While everybody worries about what would happen if a Republican, Trump, was elected, Jeremy gives us a great insight into what Obama, that peace-loving liberal has been up to with his drones and meetings.

Several years ago, in fact, one of Jeremy’s tweets mention that was was difficult to reconcile a Nobel Peace Laureate with his own “kill list,” but that is what Obama started. U.S. Citizens are not exempt from this list, either, unless, possibly, they are here in the US (but I wouldn’t bet on it).

He writes for a publication called the Intercept, a newer venture that seems to be pretty forward looking and dedicated to investigative reporting. He was originally a producer on Democracy Now.

Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald weigh in on comments from Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her rival, Bernie Sanders, who have both supported the use of drones. Scahill notes that while Clinton is often portrayed as a more hawkish “cruise missile liberal,” Sanders also supported regime change in the 1990s. “Bernie Sanders signed onto neocon legislation that made the Iraq invasion possible by codifying into U.S. law that Saddam Hussein’s regime must be overthrown,” Scahill says, and “then supported the most brutal regime of economic sanctions in world history, that killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.”


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